Facts About Organic & 100% Natural Products

Facts About Organic & 100% Natural Products

The importance of this article is to increase the awareness of customers who buy organic and 100% natural products.

First and foremost, cloudiness and residues are a normal occurrence in products which are organic and 100% natural. In layman terms, the concept is just like how you cannot control the appearance/colour/amount of pulp in every cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The normal shelf-life of any organic and 100% natural products is 2 years and less. This is because organic and 100% natural products do not contain any added chemical preservatives which are used in chemical-laden cleaners to prolong the products’ shelf-life. After opening an organic and 100% natural product, it is best to use the product within a 12-month period.

Responsible brands like Resparkle will engage and use a third party laboratory to test whether their formulation is 100% safe for consumers and also to check that no organisms can grow in their formulations which makes Resparkle a brand that it not only mindful of its business practices, but to protect consumers, the Company has even taken the extra mile to have their products tested by a third-party laboratory in compliance with TGA’s disinfectant standards (Therapeutic Goods Administration – an Australian authority that governs therapeutic goods like disinfectant and medicines).

Section (A): Resparkle Organic Commercial Grade Disinfectant Laboratory Test Report

  • The above laboratory results carried out by a third party laboratory clearly shows that no organisms can grow in Resparkle’s Organic Commercial Grade Disinfectant, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Wash and Organic Hand Sanitizer which uses the same base solution to effectively remove all bacteria and germs when used.

Colours of the liquid formulations in Resparkle products can differ depending on the natural ingredients which the manufacturer uses to create and concoct the different liquid cleaning formulations. However, consumers must take note that the consistency of the colours of the liquid formulations can differ from batch to batch, but it would not deviate too much from the natural colours of the liquid fomulations provided in the list under Section (B). Section B shows the natural colours of the ingredients used in Resparkle’s liquid formulations. Only man-made chemicals can guarantee consistent appearance every single time.

Section (B) Colours of the Formulation of Each Resparkle Organic Home Cleaning Product

Besides sending their liquid formulations to an independent laboratory for testing, Resparkle has also implemented an additional filtration step to filter as much residues and sediments as possible which occurs naturally in all organic and 100% natural products.

Therefore, customers using the Resparkle products should not be alarmed or overtly concerned about the natural occurrence of residues or sediments. Furthermore, Resparkle takes pride in producing quality and innovative products to ensure that their consumers receive only the best benefits from their products. Resparkle aims to lead the way in trading toxin-laden home cleaning products for organic non-toxic cleaning products.

Resparkle’s Mission

Health on the home front

Resparkle hopes that more people can use their organic home cleaning products so as to create a safe and healthy home environment. Toxic chemical-laden cleaning products are not only unwelcome, they are absolutely unnecessary. Building and having a healthy home can be so easy. With Resparkle’s affordable organic and 100% natural home cleaning solutions, switching to safer, better and healthier cleaning has never been easier.

Health in the big picture

Small changes can harvest great results. Just by choosing a healthy home, you can start making a positive change in your community and for our delicate environment. When you put organic Resparkle home cleaning products to work for you, you will be:

  • Eliminating unnecessary plastic waste;
  • Shrinking your own and your community’s collective carbon footprint;
  • Prevent toxic chemicals from entering our waterways so that we can have safe drinking water; and
  • Make a positive and direct difference to the less fortunate through our charity initiatives.

Take care of yourself and your littles ones by choosing the Organic & Natural Way of Healthy Living.

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