Our Green Pursuit

Our Green Pursuit

Caden & Charles Pte Ltd is a company dedicated to distributing high quality, environmentally friendly, green, organic and natural baby products and apparels to retailers and consumers. We cater to the needs of expecting mums, mums, dads, their babies and their children by sourcing for high quality, environmentally friendly, green, organic and natural products which are safe for the use of the whole family.

Our range of products which comprise of organic baby skincare, diaper bags and accessories, organic baby and children’s apparel and swimwear have been carefully and expertly curated by our team so that the products will benefit and improve the health and wellness of our consumers.

Gentle skincare for newborn babies and mothers

A baby’s skin is unlike ours because it is much more delicate, sensitive and prone to allergens. Skin like this requires specialist care with naturally derived ingredients free of chemical and synthetic additives. Caden & Charles is proud to stock Aromababy Organic Skincare (“Aromababy”), one of the most trusted baby organic skincare brands in the world for more than 20 years.

Created as a world-first, offering only the gentlest of baby skincare including Aroma-Free™ product, all AROMABABY baby skincare contains no petro-chemicals, added colour (artificial or otherwise), artificial fragrance, animal ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens, sulphates, alcohol, cocoamphodiacetate (still used in some so-called ‘natural’ baby products), talc, herbal extracts (commonly prepared in a base of either alcohol or propylene glycol), synthetic Vitamin E, silicones (dimethicone and others) and so much more. Also left out in the cold are natural vegetable oils which have been solvent extracted or those which are linked to skin irritation, for example, peanut oil.

Aromababy was founded in 1994 by successful Australian entrepreneur and expert aroma therapist, Catherine Cervasio. Arombaby was Australia’s FIRST all-natural baby skincare range and the products helps to prevent, alleviate and heal dermatitis and eczema. Aromababy is also widely used by celebrity moms and dads for their children. Celebrities who have used Aromababy products for their children include renowned Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, and Hollywood’s golden couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Gorgeous garments and accessories

Synthetic fabrics and dyes are too harsh for babies and children with delicate and sensitive skin. The influx of apparels made of synthetic fabrics and harsh dyes in baby and children’s clothing range has resulted in many babies and children developing skin conditions. Organic cotton and bamboo are ideal to use as they are hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable. Caden & Charles stock a range of organic baby wear from popular brands such as Tiny Twig and cBioPourMoi.

Caden & Charles also stock a range of trendy diaper bags and accessories from Twelvelittle, a brand created in New York City by handbag designers Julia Min and Jennifer Chang.  TWELVElittle diaper bags and accessories are precisely made to assist every parent at the right moment, and capture every experience with ease and grace. Each bag is thoroughly designed with individual style, and engineered with every practicality. Made of high quality water resistant fabrics and genuine leather, it is the perfect bag to carry all baby essentials. What’s more, it is also the perfect accessory after it graduates from the baby diaper bag stage. The bags are extremely safe because they are made from materials free of harsh chemicals such as PVC, BPA and Phthalates.

Organic Nursery and Home Cleaning Products

We are also very support of the Resparkle movment. Resparkle is a range of organic and environmentally friendly nursery and home cleaning products. Resparkle is all about the wellness of consumers and the environment, including promoting mindful and ethical business practices over profit. Resparkle is leading the way in replacing toxin-laden nursery and home care for organic non-toxic cleaning products. Resparkle wants to stamp out rising illnesses and reset in-home, at-work, in-school habits to drive healthier people, communities and the environment.

We support the Green Movement and more importantly the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) that forms a major part of the global green movement. We hope to work with more brands that are conscious and mindful in their business practices, especially brands who work towards reducing the carbon footprint on the environment by improving their manufacturing and supply-chain management practices to reduce further harm to the environment. These brands should be earth-friendly and do not use any animals for product testing. We work towards removing undesirable business practices which will harm the environment.

Thank you for choosing to shop with Caden & Charles, if you have any queries about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team by emailing at customerservice@cadencharles.com or by using the online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can chat with one of our customer service specialist online at our website. We provide free shipping within Singapore and we are also able to ship internationally.