Caden & Charles' Story


Karen was in the financial and technology sectors in various roles for the past 17 years before she started her baby and children’s products’ distribution business in 2012. The business started off as an online store and has since expanded to acquire 5 distributorships across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Since 2012, Karen has built an entrusted network of retailers through whom she distributes her range of products. At present, Karen works with established retailers like Tangs and mother and baby boutiques such as Motherswork and 1010 Mother & Child Essentials, to distribute her products in the Singapore market. She also partners with SuperMom Baby Fair to market and present her products directly to consumers and the public twice a year.

Apart from working with brick and mortar and offline retailers, Karen believes that for a successful distribution business to work, she must not lose out in terms of sales which can be captured from retailing online. She works with, and to reach out to online shoppers.

Karen feels very motivated to help parents who are clueless about baby and children’s products in the market. She sees an ever growing need to bring the finest quality baby and children’s products to parents who are overwhelmed by the many brands of baby and children’s products claiming to be the best in the marketplace.

Using high quality and suitable baby and children’s products for your little ones will improve their health and quality of life. A healthy child is a happy child and a happy child will bring joy and inspiration to motherhood.

“Motherhood is a long journey and is hard work. It has no definition but it defines who you are.” – Karen Lee