iiamo drink (drinking spout)

iiamo drink (drinking spout)


iiamo drink is the practical drinking spout for your iiamo go or iiamo home baby bottles. It allows you to re-use your iiamo go or iiamo home baby bottles as a sports bottle or as a drinking bottle for your child when your child is past the baby bottle age. You can even use the bottle as a sports bottle for your gym.


The drinking spout iiamo drink fits all iiamo baby bottles and changes them into sports bottles.

 When your child grows too old for a baby bottle, it normally ends up in the back of the kitchen cupboard. An iiamo bottle is not only designed as a feeding bottle but as a bottle which can be used in years to come. Just replace the teat and bottle neck with an iiamo drink drinking spout and you have a great looking designer sports bottle for kindergarten, sports and leisure activities.