Smoko Inc. Launches It’s Product Lines In Singapore

Smoko Inc. Launches It’s Product Lines In Singapore

Smoko Inc. was founded in early 2011. They started with their first product which was the USB Toast Hand Warmers and it was such an early hit on and continues to be a best-seller that is regularly sold out on both and websites.

Since 2011, Smoko has continued to launch and develop numerous hit products including the Toast series of USB Flash Drives with their unique matching USB Toaster Hub, Toast Plush wireless bluetooth speakers, the S’mores series of cute and fun USB Wired Foot Warmers and most recently the second version of their original USB Toast Hand Warmers now in a wireless battery operated version.

Smoko manufacturers and designs cute and adorable personal electronic accessories featuring Smoko’s unique family of characters from the Toast Series, S’mores Series and the Unicorn Series.

The Company has received hundreds of thousands of letters and emails from their customers and fans praising their products as well as numerous inquires about product availability because Smoko products are generally sold out within minutes of release. In response to this incredible demand, Smoko Inc. has appointed Caden & Charles Pte Ltd (“Caden & Charles”) as its first Asian distributor to bring immediate availability of Smoko’s products to customers and fans in Singapore and also to offer special pricing on combos and bundles not available anywhere else. The products are currently available for pre-ordering on Caden & Charles online website (

Smoko Inc. is headed by Jeff Yen, Smoko’s lead designer and the new website is run by Namanh Hoang, founder of According to Namanh, what makes Smoko unique is that the entire Smoko line up of lifestyle products are not only aesthetically cute, adorable and pleasing, they also serve the relevant and valuable functions required of the products. “Whether it is keeping hands or feet warm, playing wireless music, Smoko products solve everyday needs in a fascinating, fun and magical way,” Namanh says.

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