Why Should We Switch To Organic and Natural Cleaning Products?

Why Should We Switch To Organic and Natural Cleaning Products?

There are over 65 illness-causing chemicals which are found in chemical-laden household cleaners. Many organic, natural, and truly safe alternatives are not accessible to many. Therefore, to keep our loved ones safe and limit their exposure to toxins, we should make a wise choice to use organic, natural and safe home cleaning products not only at home but in schools and at work to reduce toxic chemicals from being released into the environment.

Cleaning chemicals remain in our environment and they do not vapourize or “vanish” even when you think you have wiped off the cleaners or washed them away from your clothing. Tiny chemical molecules attached themselves to dust particles and remain in the air and surfaces which we breathe and come into contact with every day.

According to environmental experts, indoor air has been found to be more polluted than outdoor air. In an average household, we are able to find at least 62 toxic chemicals, some of which have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity. Numerous studies have also shown that household chemicals affect children’s development growth and causes problems such as ADHD, lower IQ, and altruism, just to give a few examples.

Chemicals in cleaning products are easily absorbed into our bodies through our skin and when we breathe. The chemical molecules are tiny enough to enter our bloodstream through skin absorption and when we breathe. It takes just 26 seconds for our skin to absorb a chemical molecule.

These chemicals are able to bypass our body’s natural defense mechanism against toxins, which is our digestive system (the liver and kidneys helps filter out toxins). Thus, this makes avoiding chemicals just as important as eating healthy foods.

Many of the toxins found in cleaning products are bio-accumulative, meaning the chemicals do not purge easily from the body and over time mild exposures can add up to extreme toxic levels. Dr Rebecca Sutton, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) explained that, “Our concern is daily, weekly and chronic exposure over a lifetime. Maybe if you’re exposed to a chemical only a few times, it would not cause detrimental harm, but some of the chemicals build up in our systems over time and can cause enough harm to our bodies triggering irreparable and irreversible damage and diseases. The concept of “body burden” is that pollution is not just in our air or in our water, it is also in us.

Our children are the most susceptible to chemical exposure in homes, in schools and from the environment. Unborn fetuses can be affected by toxins transmitted from their mothers to them through the placenta. Growing fetus goes through rapid development and exposure to chemicals through their mothers will impact the fetus’ development of its brain, organs and tissues.

Young children are also exposed to chemicals through various Routes of Exposure listed in the table below.

Routes of ExposureDescription


Children have unique exposure pathways•       Trans-placental: Exposed in utero to toxic agents that cross the placenta.

•       Breastfeeding: Toxic pollutants pass into their mother’s milk.


Exploratory behaviours leading to exposure


•       Young children engage in normal exploratory hand-to-mouth, object-to-mouth      behaviour, increasing the chance of ingesting toxic agents.


Stature and living zones•       Small children are shorter and much closer to the ground so pollutants such as floor cleaning solutions make them more readily accessible to small children.

•       Because of their smaller size, this dramatically increases absorption through skin contact compared to adults.


Children do not understand danger


•       Children have limited ability to understand and move out of danger, both from toxic agents and dangerous situations that could result in accidental poisoning and injury.


Source: Children and chemicals – World Health Organisation (http://www.who.int/ceh/capacity/chemicals.pdf)

In light of the above, we need to make a wise and healthy choice to switch to using organic, natural and safe cleaning products so that our families, our homes, our schools and our workplace are protected from harmful chemical agents.

By making an informed move to use organic, natural and safe cleaning products, we are protecting our children, our families and ourselves from toxic chemicals found indoors and outdoors, in the air and in the surroundings which we live in. By just investing in affordable organic, natural and safe cleaners, we are also helping to reduce the influx of chemicals into our already toxin-laden environment.

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